Valmengaux: a story made of… several stories…

  • Starting with that of a couple of audacious winegrowers (Béatrice and Vincent Rapin), who chose to create an estate in 2000 from 30-70 year-old vines growing on gentle slopes with well-drained clay-limestone soil in the town of Vérac in order to make a great Bordeaux.
  • They were followed by another couple of enthusiastic new winegrowers who have been writing the next chapter in the history of this 4-hectare estate since 2017: Valérie (who maintains her human resources job in the medico-social field) and David (who spent 20 years in IT and management control with supermarket and video game companies) felt the desire to grow vines, to make good wine, and to live a different, more natural lifestyle. New chapter but same organic methods in the vineyard, with support from Béatrice and Vincent. .
  • Valmengaux’s history is also that of 50 friends who made this new adventure possible thanks to the formation of an agricultural land grouping called Les Amis de Valmengaux.
  • This part of the story revolves around a common cause: to make wines that reflect the terroir, without the use of chemicals, to provide pleasure and emotion.
  • The next instalment of Valmengaux’s history will be written when you drink the wine!

The wines

From the vine to the bottle

The winemaking philosophy is the same in the vineyard and in the cellar – to produce the most natural possible wine. Concretely, this entails:

  • a strict respect for organic specifications, which forbid the use of weed killers and chemical insecticides. Although certification was obtained in 2012, organic winegrowing practices were applied as soon as the estate was created
  • limiting the number of bunches per vine so as to concentrate sugar and aromas in the grapes The bunches are more evenly spread out and better ventilated to reduce the risk of rot and fungal diseases. A virtuous circle
  • natural fermentation triggered only by indigenous yeast on the grape skins and in the cellar atmosphere
  • ageing for 18 months in an environment with temperature and humidity regulated by a ground-coupled heat exchanger. The size and age of the foudres (12 and 20-hectolitre wooden vats), oak barrels, and 500-litre earthenware jars give the wines a unique patina without denaturing them

And in the bottle

What about the juice?  90% Merlotand 10% Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from vines 30-70 years old

Domaine de Valmengaux
Domaine de Valmengaux - EN JARRE

Valmengaux – Organic wine: beautiful deep, brilliant crimson colour, an expressive aromatic nose of red and black fruit, as well as a beautiful long aftertaste

Available vintages: 2015, 2016 in 75 cl and 150 cl bottles

Valmengaux – En Jarre – Organic wine: aged in earthenware jars that enhance aromas. The fruity flavours are enhanced and more complex

Available vintage: 2018 (from April 2020), in 75 cl bottles (2015 and 2016 sold-out)

Press review / Medals

2015 vintage:

Θ Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 – Score: 90 (silver medal)

« Contemporary gloss and finesse; and highly polished Merlot fruit. Brooding damson nose, big velvety tannins, and a long and satisfying finish. »

Θ Gold medal at Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2018

Θ parmi les 3 vins de la Sélection Bordeaux 2018

« Nose full of black fruits and laurel. Round and spicy. Then a long finish. An excellent meal companion. »

Θ Valmengaux En Jarre one of the 12 Bordeaux Red 2015 ready to drink!

15/20 –  Valmengaux en Jarre is a very fruity organic wine. Its concentrated fruity aromas, its delicate tannins and its very supple and pleasant have appealed to us. A nice, very mature and well velvety discovery! Pleasure in a bottle – a very nice one by the way.”

Θ Robert parker – Neal Martin – Score: 88 (barrel tastings)

“The 2015 Valmengaux has a punchy , fiesty red cherry and wild strawberry- scented bouquet .The palate is medium – bodied with a soft , supple entry ,very fleshy in the mouth , through it needs just a little more structure on the finish”

Θ Jean Marc Quarin – Carnet n° 78 – Score: 87 (barrel tastings)

Previous vintages:

Θ Vivino: 4* (out of 5)

Θ Blog levindetoutunchacun, 2012 – 15/20




… and even more!

One month has gone since 2020 has started, yet. A good opportunity to respect “Dry January” – you’re free… to do what you want… any old time… If you did so, relief is coming very soon. The occasion for you to celebrate this renaissance by uncorking a bottle of Valmengaux! And for others too, just to keep up the pace!

At the estate, 2020 has started with the bottling of the Domaine de Valmengaux – En Jarre cuvée, vintage 2018. Not fined, nor filtered … and still atypical.

3 changes this year for this vintage:

  1. ageing reduced to 12 months, as wine evolution si faster in jar
  2. new corks, DIAM Origin: cork clumped together by a binder of natural origin. Cork taint free guaranteed
  3. 3,240 bottles thanks to the two 800L jars purchased in 2018 (in addition to the other two 500L jars)

We just need to be patient and wait for 2-3 months before enjoying it. This is how long it takes Valmengaux to recover from the shock caused by bottling.

What’s up in the vineyard? Pruning has started, for a week. I took back my pruner and, after the first 2 days of rusting off, I found my cruising speed. Younger vines – planted over the last 2 years – will be pruned last, in March.

Last, back on the road to Lyon Organic Wine Fair at Campus UCLY, Place des Archives, LYON 2ème (here), February Sat. 8th (11am-10pm) and Sun. 9th (10am-6pm). Take advantage of the invitation below!

Lyon Organic Wine Fair – Not to be missed!
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VINS! BOIRE BIO wine fair

Do you know Puisaye? No? Well, drive 2h south of Paris this week-end to VINS! BOIRE BIO (Wines! Drink Organic fair). 20 winemakers, all organic (at least), including Domaine de Valmengaux and 10 writers (wineters?) will showcase their production. A great opportunity for you to find a lot of good wines before Xmas then. And if you want more, book your seat to Saturday dinner with the winemakers (and their wines!) prepared by chef Laurent Chareau (restaurant Le Chat).

VINS! BOIRE BIO fair will welcome you at Château de Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (here), Saturday Nov 30th (11am-7pm) and Sunday Dec 1st (11am-6pm). Come and join us!

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VALMENGAUX is located 40 km from Bordeaux and
20 km from Saint Émilion. We will be delighted to welcome you, to show you our vines and cellar, to offer you a taste of our wines, and sell them to you.
Please call beforehand to be sure that we are there.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

David & Valérie VALLET

+33 (0)

EARL Nouveau Domaine de Valmengaux

7, lieu-dit Godineau

33240 VERAC