26 November 2019 David

VINS! BOIRE BIO wine fair

Do you know Puisaye? No? Well, drive 2h south of Paris this week-end to VINS! BOIRE BIO (Wines! Drink Organic fair). 20 winemakers, all organic (at least), including Domaine de Valmengaux and 10 writers (wineters?) will showcase their production. A great opportunity for you to find a lot of good wines before Xmas then. And if you want more, book your seat to Saturday dinner with the winemakers (and their wines!) prepared by chef Laurent Chareau (restaurant Le Chat).

VINS! BOIRE BIO fair will welcome you at Château de Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (here), Saturday Nov 30th (11am-7pm) and Sunday Dec 1st (11am-6pm). Come and join us!

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